Safety Tips For Escorts

  • ericbobo
  • May 26, 2018
  • The escort industry is now thriving more than ever. More ladies and gentlemen are getting into the business and more clients are seeking the services of escorts more than ever. But just like any other industry, the escort industry also has its ups and downs. The most affected in this case are the escorts. This is why we will look at some safety tips escorts need to understand in order to stay safe during encounters with clients.

    Work with a reputable agency

    The very first thing you need to do as an escort is to work with a reputable agency that will guarantee your safety. The agency you work for should analyze a client before sending their escorts out, this is just to be sure that the client an escort is going to meet is not some serial killer or something like that.

    Know your meeting point

    Your meeting point is also crucial as it defines your safety. In most cases the client always sets up the meeting point, since most of them prefer the meeting to be discreet. But either way, make sure the place you decide to meet has its own security measures out in place. Like do they have surveillance cameras, guards and other security features?

    Conceal your identity

    When you get into the escort business, your personal information should stay personal and the client should not know anything about you. So both you and the agency should understand that. You shouldn’t get too comfortable to disclose your personal life to the client. This means that you should not take your client to your house or introduce them to your family members. This is for your own good.

    Don’t drink before meeting a client

    You should always be sober before you meet your client. Most people take advantage of a drunken escort and this could lead to abuse. You should be sober and handle your client with a clear mind.

    Keep off drugs

    There are some clients who will want to do drugs with you as a way of having a good time. Now this is definitely a big no-no. Not only is it illegal, but it could put you in a very dangerous situation. So to avoid abuse from the client or other people around you and to work within the constraints of the law, keep a clear mind and refuse any drugs you may be offered.

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