Sex On A Beach

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  • August 24, 2018
  • I am not one of those girls who can spend my entire thinking about romance and sex. It is good to have some romantic and sexy fun on holiday, but I do like to party with the rest of the girls from London escorts. Some of the younger girls are into sex on the beach, but that is not for me anymore. I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Once you get a little bit older like us girls who call ourselves elite London escorts, you realise that sex on the beach is not such a good idea. It is true – sand does get everywhere!When I am on holiday with the girls from cheap escorts in London, we seldom visit the beach. It all depends on where we are in the world.

    A friend of mine who works for the same London escorts agency has access to a villa in Spain. We often go there and chill out by the pool. It is nice and you can sunbathe in the nude without having to worry about it. Also, you can have a drink or cocktail when you feel like it.But, us girls from London escorts don’t spend all day sunbathing. Once the sun starts going down we like to go out and party. In general, we don’t end up chatting up any fellow tourists. It is so much better to chat up the local ex-pats instead. They seem to have a little bit of spare cash and don’t mind buying us girls from London escorts a drink or two. As a matter of fact, we seldom pay for our evening meal. It seems that the local, perhaps more senior men, really do like to chat us up. Shopping is fun as well.

    The place where my friend’s family own their villa is in a nice area. You get rather a lot of celebs floating around, and posh cars seem to be everywhere during the summer months. Most of the shops are boutique style and you can pick up some pretty special stuff once you start exploring the shops. There are also some really good well priced jewelry stores, and us girls from London escorts do like a little bit of bling. The local shopping center is good as well, and it always stays open late at night. Just what a girl needs …Yes, sex on the beach used to be fantastic when I was younger, and I remember coming to Spain before joining London escorts and partying really hard.

    Modern day Spain has changed a lot. This part of Spain is now all about posh shops and family entertainment. They have a cinema on the beach every night, or you can sit at a bar and watch the world go by. Mind you, I like to put my face on, and have some fun with the locals. You never know when you are going to meet that man who thinks you are more interesting than his golf game.

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