The need for London escorts

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  • May 14, 2021
  • In a marriage, we hear countless positive things but often left the negatives not being openly talked. It’s sad because so many people fell into this trap. Young men are not thinking about the future getting married for their parents. Or from social pressure, some example are the friends around you are getting married. Or the judgment of other people towards a couple that is not married. My friend was only twenty-two years old when he got married. At first, he was a bit hesitant because her girlfriend was pressuring him to marry, her because of her parents just wanting it to happen. He said her parents are afraid of what people might say. Wedding in this generation is viewed as a happy ending in a life full of suffering. But for some people, their pain begins when they are married. And there are a very few or no way out. They spent a fortune in the wedding because her girlfriend wanted it to be grand and wants her friends to be happy. My friend rarely says no even though he has to work and earn money for her. He was weak for everything she wanted he would give if he can make it happen. Also, it cost him his savings. For me, it is not wise giving all you have because you love the person. After marriage my friend continued to work for his family seven days a week, eight hours a day giving all he’s got to make her happy. But his wife took it all for granted instead he accused him of being unfaithful because he was not around every time she wanted her to be. My friend got fed up with all of the fighting’s, and it was very unfair to him because at that time. He was just at work working it all for her, and his reward was yelling and nagging. Felt frustrated he did what exactly what his wife told him. He started cheating on her with London escorts from, did not just cheat on her with one woman. He paid escorts whenever he feels like doing it. I confronted my friend about it one day because I worried about his wife. Him getting caught cheating would be disastrous for him. Divorce can ruin a man’s life. Paying alimony, giving half of what he has to a woman that didn’t work for it. He said that paying escorts was not the thing he is planning to stop for a long time. I think he already is addicted and all I can do for him is to stay out of his way and let it be. That’s why I hope people stop rushing on getting married because it is not all happy ever after if you are not with the right person.

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